Q Library/Wellness/Quantrics is here to have your healthcare easily accessible!

Quantrics is here to have your healthcare easily accessible!

July 27, 2023

Site Qlinics

Our site clinics provide 24/7 medical assistance, with friendly doctors and nurses who provide medical support and advice to our Qmunity. 

Wellness Webinars

Even during the pandemic, we made sure our Qmunity continued to have accessible sources of information relative to current health issues. Today, we continue to hold regular health and wellness webinars for employees working from home.

Sleeping Quarters

Our employees enjoy the option to rest, or sleep during break time. All sites have sleeping quarters for employee use, also extended to employees needing temporary shelter during typhoons. 

Lactation Rooms

All sites have a dedicated lactation room to provide lactating mothers a private and comfortable space to express milk for breastfeeding.


Our employees can get the care they need from the comfort and safety of their homes, for free!

  • Primary Care 
  • Health & Wellness Counseling 
  • Medical Advice 
  • Referral to Accredited Physicians, Clinics & Hospitals

Health & Wellness Wednesday

Our Qmunity receives a weekly dose of digital information relevant to current health and safety issues, via email and social media. We share medical and safety updates from DOH, WHO, Civil Defense, and trusted agencies/institutions.

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