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Your Career Development is Our Top Priority!

July 27, 2023

Our employees’ professional growth is of prime importance. Our in-house training programs are purposely designed to provide continuous skills development, strengthen employee confidence, and groom for leadership roles. 


Prepare, Reason, Empower, Plan and Dedicate 

A holistic approach designed to tap leadership potential and unlock skills through coaching activities. PREPD’s framework provides our Qmunity leaders with a fluid coaching process that allows them to provide actionable feedback. The PREPD method sets a standard for coaching in the Qmunity, trains leaders to influence behavior modification, and effectively elicits the best performance from their team members. 


A career enhancement program comprising of multiple modules on data storytelling, data presentation, and High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) training. UpSQill is designed to provide continuous learning for leaders in their current role. 


A career preparation program for high-potential employees that aims to deepen the talent pool ready for the next career level. As of 2022, Quest boasts of 1,174 graduates who have undergone role immersion and hands-on training, completing the program with increased functional knowledge and enhanced management skills.

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