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Sustainability is our future. Quantrics is here to help.

July 27, 2023

Quantrics is committed to supporting local, national, and international initiatives for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Paperless initiative 

Since 2017, we have eliminated the unnecessary use of paper! 

Installation of our LED lights 

LEDs are better for the environment and can cut energy consumption by 70 percent! 

Clean as You Go (CLAYGO) 

Our employees, regardless of rank or tenure, adhere to CLAYGO for any space they use to work, meet, or eat. 

One production floor during weekends 

To conserve energy consumption, Quantrics uses only a single production floor during weekends when there are less people on site.  

Earth Day celebrations  

Yearly celebration to promote eco-friendly lifestyles! In 2023, Quantrics provided employees with indoor plants across all sites. 

Recyclable Waste Management 

Recycling, recovery, and reprocessing waste materials for use in new products.  


Quantrics launched eQoLifestyle, an internal social responsibility campaign focusing on environmental sustainability in both policymaking and work-life integration. Our motto – “Encourage, Save, Involve” defines our vision for our Qmunity to lead a zero-waste lifestyle, less consumerism, and for CLAYGO to be a natural habit. 

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